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For those of you who don't understand, an astonishing 4% of the adult u.s population believes that the new world order controls all of the government's in the world, and is also run by an alien race of lizard people. Their members supposedly include Obama, the queen, and prime minister, pretty much all major world leaders on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 98)
Good because she's gonna need that microscope to see this djck! No... wait on Hoe Lab partner (Upvotes: 89)
I'm not attracted to a cartoon character I'm not attracted to a cartoon character I'm not attracted to a cartoon character on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 81)
Im a dog trainer at petco and seriously fvck petsmart. A few weeks ago i had a woman bring her pitbull in and he was a bundle of love and energy, i got to the floor with him to meet my new friend and the owner just cried. I was obviously weirded out but she said she had just gone to petsmart and they turned down her dog for training and events and that as a breed he wasn't capable of passing the CGC (essentially the well trained dog test) and i told her they're wrong and now little Mila is 3 weeks away from graduating on Fvck petsmart (Upvotes: 74)
Now this is a real prank, not punching someone in the back of the head in public on *insert seal* (Upvotes: 71)

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