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Who here like me knew this? on Pokemon Fungi (Upvotes: 116)
You learn a lot in school. The problem is our schools arent structured to teach applications. So all the knowledge you learn just sits there and remains unused since most people cant learn how to apply on their own on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 47)
Idk if i will get down voted for this but I think its confusing that people are making up their own genders or are able to choose them. I mean biologically you either have a y chromosome or your dont. Thats all being male or female should signify. As for how your personality is and what you like. That should be called something else. Just to clarify i have nothing against anyone that does not follow the male/female normal model. Not sure if i am explaining myself enough but if you can change your gender you should also be able to change your ethnicity. I really think keeping the focus on what gender you are is actually harming. We should instead focus on not assuming how people are and what their preferences are. on Cis scum (Upvotes: 96)
@You Wont Remember Me, I have prepared arrangements for your funeral. on Lego fire walk (Upvotes: 41)
@l3lack Jesus, I will submit a screenshot now. *Please stuckpixel accept.* on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 75)

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