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Has anyone wondered why the icon for this app has a turtle on it? on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 301)
@Firestone, at first I was thinking "man I just don't care", then I read "we're lesbians" and I was like "well that's just wonderful". Then I when you said she said no and I was like "well sh*t". Then when you said she was cheating I was like "WELL SH*T!". Then you said it was with a man and I was like "DAAAAAAMN!!". Then you started talking about how you love the community and I was back to "I don't care". What I'm saying is, your comment was an emotional rollercoaster so I can appreciate what you're going through. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 78)
@EmoBumPincher, the hell is wrong with you? on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 78)
I'm not into either band's music, but I can explain why the Beatles sh*t on bands like one direction. One direction don't write any of their lyrics, or produce any of their instrumentals. They play the part of the pretty face to slap on the concepts produced by groups of people involved in their label. They're like puppets in that sense. The Beatles are a bunch of talented musicians, who not only come up with all of their melodies and lyrics, which takes a lot of originality, but also play and sing them. I mean I don't wanna give one direction too much flak because they're just a group of dudes making money and living it up, which is cool. But they're not talented musicians, they're just good performers. So anyone who idolises them is just naive. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 51)
@TitanActual, no that would actually p*ss me off on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 30)

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