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Went to the museum last week, saw dinosaur bones. and thought of you. Heard you use to baby sit, how is baby Jesus anyway? Saw your birth certificate expired. I've seen raisins with less wrinkles than you. You're so old your social security number is 1. on Bff (Upvotes: 22)
Trump: I didn't think I'd be bringing this up. Narrator: He did Trump: It brings me no joy exploring Hilary's past like this Narrator: It does on Moderator (Upvotes: 20)
Person 1: "Hey do you want to go get some orange chicken for dinner?" Person 2: *screams* Person 3: oh my god you can't just bring up Chinese Culture around Dave he has Sinophobia!" on Fear of long words (Upvotes: 19)
Kelso: "BURN!" on Burn (Upvotes: 15)
Meanwhile going on in the sons mind: "Smile at the camera. They told me to smile at the cameras. But which camera, there are so many. Just forget it Tomas you're over thinking it. Just show the world that casual smile you've been practicing for the past 3 days." on Kids (Upvotes: 14)

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