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For those who don't get it, the fire in the bottle is supposed to consume all the oxygen in the bottle. This should create a vacuum that sucks the egg into the bottle. The guy, however, didn't hard boil the egg like you're supposed to, so he gave up and smashed the egg. He then forcefully inserts the egg bits into the bottle. The bottle gets turned on and the man and bottle have wild sex all night. After a couple months, the bottle finds out it's pregnant, and the man and the bottle go to the courthouse to get married and run away together. The bottle has a miscarriage, and their relationship is strained, but they learn to move on and love each other like they always have. on How to get an egg into a bottle (Upvotes: 115)
But really, Harold knew what he was doing. He threw the pin behind the enemy soldiers to fool them into running up to him, where the real danger was. Harold lost his wife to cancer while he was out here fighting, and he's had no contact with his son. For all he knows, he's home alone, waiting for his father to come home. Harold also lost his best friend who was fighting along side him. His men where losing their lives. They needed a miracle to win this fight. This was what he needed to do. The soldiers ran to him as planned. And he ran at them. As he collided with a random enemy's chest, and felt the explosion engulf his hand and take over his body, he felt complete. He fought in this war looking for a purpose, a reason to exist beyond his wife and child, and now, in his death, he felt he found it. on Whos Line. (Upvotes: 101)
@Tyrellious, A fact is a fact because it has evidence to back it up. A group of people don't come together and decide what's a fact based on their personal preference. Something is a fact in light of it's evidence. By your logic, me telling you "We breathe air! That's a fact.", is dumb of me, because I didn't explain how lungs work. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 57)
A game like this would basically be a GTA Dark Souls. The goal would be to pull off crimes without causing any alarm. Fire your gun once, Police come for you. Kill a cop or civilian in view of anyone, instant SWAT retaliation. Kill 3 or more people in view of anyone, Batman shows up. You can't kill Batman, so you basically try to collect as much money or jewels or whatever as quick as you can and make sure you pile them into a van that your partner drives away, before Batman inevitably gets you. Very difficult, randomly generated heists and crimes, 6-player online multiplayer. on Batcop (Upvotes: 89)
A plot twist that changes... Nothing. on what if... (Upvotes: 53)

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