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I bet if you look really closely, you can find Jamal. Look for the selfie in a store. on Happy 100k Picture (Upvotes: 54)
About the Bruh guy bending over on the previous pic? on Sexual thoughts (Upvotes: 17)
Yes, a valuable, accurate military tactic for revealing an enemy sniper's position. Why is this on a comedy site? on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 10)
@Oliver Queen, a man is driving down a highway when he sees a sign advertising the nuns at St. Mary's Convent for prostitution. Intrigued, he follows the directions to the convent, and sees a min standing outside. He approaches the nun and inquires about the sign. She asks for $200 from him, and then proceeds to lead him into the convent. They begin walking down several long hallways until finally they come to a small room. The nun tells the man to enter through the door on the other side of the room, then proceeds to walk back through the door they've just entered and lock it. The man walks through the door on the opposite end of the room, and finds himself standing outside, back at his car, with a note on it saying "You've been screwed by the Sisters of St. Mary's Convent." on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 7)
@IsItDead, we all thought you were dead! on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 6)

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