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This pisses me off on Battle (Upvotes: 91)
Plot twist they're selling people on Offensive Pricing (Upvotes: 117)
Should also brush up on seducing highschoolers on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 60)
For those who don't know it's pretty much a pyramid scheme run where douchy charismatic people get people to sign up to buy drinks and they get money in return but they're ridiculously overpriced so the people can make money it's usually marketed to broke college kids with promises of making them millionaires and some lose thousands, sure if you work really hard at it you could make some money but chances are you're gonna lose, I say it's pretty much a pyramid scheme because there is a loophole to it because you are buying a product making it a sales thing instead of a pyramid scheme all that being said it's a pretty good product but it is really over priced and I've seen friends lose a lot of money with it, do what you want maybe you can make money in not gonna tell you what to do but I wouldn't recommend it on Verve (Upvotes: 56)
Hopefully getting out of the burn ward soon please send me thoughts and prayers on Deserved more attention (Upvotes: 88)

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