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How about a pokemon game where you start out as legendary pokemon and you lose xp until you hit 0 and your pokemon dies and there is all regions all pokemon but you can only use a magicarp and then you character has to balance relationships with 3 different characters and you get to pick which one you want then... Laughter ensues on Pokemon (Upvotes: 20)
False, it's called Americas because their are multiple. It's plural. USA is the only one with America in its title there fore a singular and shortened version of unites states of America. When some one says I'm going to America they mean USA when some one says in going to the Americas they mean any country in the Americas on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 32)
Puts down video games, throws wine and a pizza at a beautiful girl... Ok, now what? on male advice (Upvotes: 11)
But what most parents know is that he wants his dick in you on Tynbkr (Upvotes: 8)
There's a glitch in the... *looks at other comments... Damnit. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 6)

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