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I approve of this on If your mother found out (Upvotes: 107)
@DarkRevolation , while I agree that situational awareness is key, if im stumbling to the bathroom with my eyes half shut to take my morning dump, and I do the rucksack flop right on the toilet and that thing goes off... let's just I'll be a few minutes ahead off schedule that morning. on Surprise (Upvotes: 35)
I don't usually comment much, but I sort of feel like I need to. I have to wipe my phone, but I know that this app is no longer available. I've used this app for about 8 years now, and it's been a big part of my daily life since then. This community, whether you knew it or not, has helped me through the biggest struggles of my life. I'm going to try and get the apk from somewhere, but if it doesn't work, then this could be goodbye. Truly the end of an era, for me at least. Thank you all, and I wish everybody the best on n/a (Upvotes: 34)
I'm a firm believer that trades are the way to go these days. I'm 21, I dropped out of high school as a junior and got my ged, never stepped in a classroom since. I bought a beater honda for 300 bucks, restored it for 1 grand (my last bit of money) and used it as my resume to get a job as a lube tech. 6 months later, I found a job as a mechanics apprentice. 3 years later, now, I build diesel engines for cranes and make more than my mom, who's a nicu nurse and owes more in student loan debt than she'll ever be able to pay back. Everyone's going to college, so less people are working as plumbers, electricians, etc. Now there's not enough work for graduates and an abundance of great paying work for anyone who knows how to use a wrench and is willing to do real labor on USA school mentality (Upvotes: 28)
Ok, this one got me on heh (Upvotes: 21)

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