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@Sig Sauer, the hammer on the 1911 isn't even back so it is safe. No possible chance of even an accidental shooting. Although the .38 could be double action the gun's in a safe direction anyway and not to mention he's obviously on a set somewhere so there's 0 chance they're loaded and that's if they're even real. What ACTUALLY makes the rest of us gun owners look bad are the people who jump at the chance to try and flaunt that they know the minimal basics about gun safety to seem cool. on Neil Patrick Harris isnt sorry (Upvotes: 10)
@crazyneighborguy, you mean ye olde English? on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 12)
Ugh nancy grace.... The dumbest of the dumb on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 5)
@Sig Sauer, because it IS a 1911. I own 2 of them. I've grown up around them. Any one can tell you that is not a browning hi power. The rear sights are too low. The revolver is not a .357 the frame is too small it would likely crack from the pressure. I'll give you that a .32 is possible but it's more likely a .38. Pictures like this really don't make a bad impression on anyone. People are more focused on Neil Patrick Harris that they don't even notice his fingers on the triggers. If it was really that big of a deal to you you'd actually try to make a difference rather than just make one small comment on one picture. Don't try and back out now that you've realized someone sees your BS on Neil Patrick Harris isnt sorry (Upvotes: 4)
@Sig Sauer, I mean if you hate pics like this then you must be down right angry at any and all action movies right? Seeing as how they're pointing guns at people and things they're not really intending to destroy. Or do you like FPSs? If you're so worried about misinformation then video games are a gold mine! One pic on an app sure is a insignificant place to be so worried about "impressionable young minds" on Neil Patrick Harris isnt sorry (Upvotes: 4)

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