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@I Are Lebo, I don’t think is was God bub. I think it was the cigarettes and diet coke. on he upset (Upvotes: 14)
Whose on spring break?! Woot! Woot! on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 11)
Cocky bastard, thinkin no one can insult him. Funnypics community! We've been issued a challenge! ATTACK!!!!!! on Elvish (Upvotes: 18)
@Tokenblackguy, dude, we can't just go around changin terms like that to strength our arguments. Whoever told you this is the new definition of racism, was wrong. Sorry bro. The problem this chick has is she wants to blame the white man for all the problems we black people face in the world. Well you know what, white men don't give a shjt! You know why that is? Because nobody gives a shjt about them. If ya think white people own our country, its probably because there is more of them! Who gives a fvck! There is no winning or loosing races, there are only winning and loosing people! You know who also has to compete with white people?... Other white people! Why the hell should they care about what definition we wanna use for racism, they each got their own personal shjt to worry about. Ain't no one gonna help ya, and if you think that way you might just help yourself and be the next Obama or Ben Carson! on White peoples (Upvotes: 8)
Cops are just generally awesome! Btw, i'm a black guy... on Snapchat (Upvotes: 12)

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