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Cats at 2 a.m. on Free running indoors (Upvotes: 38)
My mom went missing last night we didn’t know until this morning she was gone. I took off work to help look for her at the Pokémon stops around the city, I had a hunch and checked the hospital parking lot, I found her car. She’s safe. She checked herself into a mental facility. My grandmother and great grandmother had severe mental health issues, they both killed themselves. All that kept going through my head was how our relationship has dissolved into what she had with my grandma who blamed her for her suicide. We argued the last time I spoke with her, I didn’t want that to be it. I know I have issues and have already resolved to change myself and have been working towards it, I never wanted kids and now I know I don’t want to pass this cursed mentality to them as well. So sorry for all my rude comments. So sorry to everyone who has probably blocked me. Marida and others I’m sure. My tongue may bleed from holding it between clenched teeth but I will always be polite. It stops here. on No worse pain (Upvotes: 27)
@DrSin, her feet probably were too swollen to fit in the boots anymore on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 23)
@ThePandaPool , the only thing going in that pussy is a fist. on n/a (Upvotes: 20)
@benderama, mkay on Spider scope (Upvotes: 20)

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