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Well look at him. He looks like a Hector to me on Hector (Upvotes: 48)
Though deadpool is my #1 favorite comic book character, I believe he is not for children. There is a time when I will let my 6 year old son see deadpool and that is when he is older end of story. Regardless of how amazing and awesome he is. There is a line, and as a parent it should be respected on Deadpool wants you to share this (Upvotes: 66)
What would it do to a dry sponge? on spongebob growing hair (Upvotes: 35)
@ManicAntics, five minutes later, a man in a track suit appears and st Peter asks him how he died. The man explained "I was exercising on my balcony when I accidentally tripped over the ledge, luckily I grabbed the balcony ledge below mine and waited for help. Suddenly a very angry man came out and started stomping on my fingers. Thank goodness I didn't fall, but next thing I knew a fridge came down over me and I fell to the ground and here I am" st Peter was intrigued by this tale and also allowed this man through the pearly gates. Shortly after that a naked man appeared before st Peter. Again st Peter asked for his death tale, and the man laughed. "You see, I was hiding in this refrigerator right?" on (Upvotes: 31)
@ManicAntics, one day God told st Peter that heaven was getting pretty full so in order for a soul to enter the pearly gates, they had to have died in a really miserable way. About 10 minutes after receiving this message, a man in a business suit appeared before st Peter. Remembering what God had said he asked "what happened to you before you died my child?" The man explained "I've been suspecting my wife had been having an affair for the last few weeks, so today I came home early to catch her in the act. However when I got home I find my wife butt naked and shouting at me. I search the apartment for that S.O.B but don't find him. I check out on the balcony and notice a man hanging from the ledge of the balcony and start stomping on his fingers, but he doesn't fall. So I go inside and grab the fridge and throw it down on him but get caught in the cord, and here I am now." St peter thought what a horrible way to for so he said "welcome to heaven" and let him in. on (Upvotes: 30)

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