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@Tentastic, I have many books that details the awful things the Chinese have done to their own people. The square massacre is just the start. Everything from them literally killing people via running them over with vehicles and beyond. Your attitude is what let’s this continue. China is run by your typical authoritarian communists. The same type of people who put CONTROL above all else. China doesn’t care about anything but control. Winnie the Pooh is a perfect example. He’s banned in China. Why? Cause someone said the leader looks like a lovable harmless children’s cartoon mascot. It doesn’t stop there. What do you think matters more? 15 billion dollars that go to the Chinese people, or control? China banned games such as animal crossing, monster hunter, and one other. Dropped their own stocks 15 billion that help their own economy. Why? Cause the can’t control what people would say on animal crossing. Look up the persecution that goes on in China. on Woke Disney (Upvotes: 15)
@Factory BOY, yea, it’s cause they get caught in the crossfire between the violent rioters, and the violent police trying to maintain the peace. Imagine my shock that the non violent get caught between the violence. on Real life solidarity. (Upvotes: 11)
@Noctobo, I Couldn’t agree more with you. Every single friend I have, was already hurt by the pandemic. Corona Virus crippled them. Now imagine after being crippled by the pandemic, an angry mob destroys everything else. It’s completely awful these people were innocent, had their livelihood taken away. I don’t understand why people couldn’t do the right thing and seek justice for Mr Floyd. I’d even support putting those cops to the death penalty if it meant sparing all those innocent people. on great job (Upvotes: 8)
@ Michishige Shou, people keep downvoting but I still don’t see any police lol. Boo me all you like. This meme is just bogus “white privilege”. Otherwise you can circle exactly where the police are for me and send it my way. on Real life solidarity. (Upvotes: 8)
@K1l, You are quite mistaken. Everywhere I look people support and defend transgenders. I even had a friend get basically adopted by a whole family to help transition. The entire Country goes out of their way to make cozy safe spaces to protect these special snowflakes (LGBT safe spots etc) and all it takes is posting on twitter or calling a suicide prevention hotline to get help. Yet transgender people have 25x the suicide rate after completing the transition. People who get treated for it, and accept their born gender have the opposite reaction and have about the same suicide rate as a white male. Even you try to protect them with your post, but the fact is, telling a person it’s ok to be crazy, then accepting it isn’t healthy for anyone. And while a small minority of transgender people are happy, it’s a bigger risk to promote it, with the expensive therapy costs then it is to give that person therapy and a lesson of self acceptance. on 90s Bill (Upvotes: 12)

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