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Meowdy on Mozilla Firefox (Upvotes: 43)
Yao, Ling, and Po. on Mulan cosplay (Upvotes: 35)
They forgot to add Drax to the poster wtf on Show me what you got (Upvotes: 35)
@Proactive Citizenry , they didn't just ban him and take his reward away either. They also fired both the announcers that had no connection to the statement. So those two lost their jobs because they were present... Really sad how Blizzard is run by cowards. I just hit 60 in classic as well. Feels like I should quit the game even though I really want to raid with the boys. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 30)
Funny story. As a man of 28 I had never taken a poop in a public restroom... Until yesterday. I was on a car trip and let's say I had no choice in the matter as I ran into the loves gas station. I struggled with the toilet seat paper thing and sat down and let it rip. It was terribly loud and I whispered a curse because of the situation. Then some guy started laughing in the restroom. Which, in turn, made me giggle a bit. Which only made him laugh harder. I thought it was funny at first, but then the guy went over board and started laughing more maniacally and WOULD NOT STOP. He probably laughed for like 2 mins. I was creeped out because this wasn't a guy in a stall, he was just staying in the bathroom longer just to laugh I believe. So here I am, having an uncontrollable poop, for the first time in a public restroom, as a crazy guy is laughing like the joker... So all in all pretty fun experience, 10/10 will never poop in public restroom again. on Most silent creature (Upvotes: 27)

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