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Once my neighbors lost their dog. My plan to cheer them up was to pretend to be their dog. I stripped naked and would crawl on all fours in their front lawn. They must have called the police several times. My thoughts were that I was not doing a good enough job. I started to defecate on the lawn as well. I would sneak into there house at night and lay at the foot of their bed. They woke up and the looks of horror on their faces of seeing a naked hairy man curled up at the bottom of their bed disturbed me. I tried barking and and pooping on their bed to let them get the message that I was their dog now. They looked on in horror, tears streaming down their faces. I did not quit. They tried getting new dogs. No sooner would they let the new puppy out to play for the first time, I would be there, on all Fours and ready to chase the dog down the street. I am their dog now. on Puts dog to sleep (Upvotes: 65)
@Mr Tenacious, the part where I reference individual case studies. Our name was called an we both went up I front of the smart board. I pulled up the video and let her present. She started with the pre written statement, explaining a shirt thesis on social deviance. Then I my phone silently vibrated. I took a quick peak and saw it was a text from my mom. I read it."ok I sent the video from your iPad.good luck!". I smiled, but was confused. I didn't remember saving a copy of the presentation on my iPad. I shrugged and thought nothing of it, my mom was never really tech savvy and probably meant lab top. The video played. I was facing away from it and was watching my teacher, waiting for his reaction of my precise wording and research of the subject. His faced looked confused. I turned around and saw my face looking back at me, squinting into the camera lens. I then opened my mouth up in horror. I must have forgotten to delete the hemorrhoid video. I was paralyzed by dread an fear. The on How hot dogs are made (Upvotes: 59)
@A Bored Storyteller, once I went to the aquarium. There I saw a beautiful pink jellyfish. I looked at that jellyfish with lustful eyes, and I believe it looked back at me. I loved that jellyfish. When the aquarium employees weren't looking, I would rub my nipples against the glass of the tank. I would leave flowers by the tank of the jellyfish. Try would always get thrown away by the employees. People started to notice. I would be whispering the naughty things I would do to that jellyfish, and I would look to my right to see a group of students snickering while a teacher looked at me open mouthed in terror. One day I my yearning got the better of me. I took off my clothes and lept over the tank wall. As the jellyfish stung my body, I yelled "YES!!! YES!!!!" They don't allow me in the aquarium anymore.... on Stretch armstrong (Upvotes: 29)
@Mr Tenacious, camera stayed on my face for a moment, then panned down to my naked body. It slowly reached under, to a close up of my anus. For 39 secs it just showed my anus with my fingers spreading it to get a better shot. The video then ended. Silence. I looked at my partner, she looked at me. I then looked at the rest of the class. The jocks were looking at each other than at me, fear in their eyes. There was a small Asian girl in the corner, crying. The teacher was slowly shaking his head in disbelief. He then called the school officer. I wasn't even sent to the principals first, I was just dragged out and told never to come back. And to this day I have never been back. on How hot dogs are made (Upvotes: 74)
The day was Saturday. I was in my bed attempting to get some much needed rest. However, my lower body was aching in a very private area. I went to the doctor the next day and found out I had a hemorrhoid. It was embarassing, but the doctor gave me a cream to put on it every morning and night. I did this for two weeks, but he ave me a rather small tube. By the end of the second week, there was only a little left. I decided not to waste it. You see, the hemorrhoid was small and in an awkward area. I had to out he cream directly on it or it would hurt the net day. Since i only had a little cream, I had to get it right. That's when I looked over at my iPad. It had a camera function, and I decided to put it next to my anus and film to see exactly where it was, so I knew where to put the cream. I filmed, saw, and applied cream to my hemorrhoid. The next day I had relatively little pain and went to school feeling happy. I learned that we had a project in sociology. The topic was on social on How hot dogs are made (Upvotes: 59)

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