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@ThePandaPool , It’s funny you should say that - right after I showed this to my 5 year old he said “people fundamentally misunderstand the concept of an AI bot, believing that it can somehow transcend its core programming by watching televised events.” I was stunned - mostly because I don’t have kids, and my acid trips are usually a little more esoteric than this one. on Real Americans (Upvotes: 116)
His face says "why is she telling me this? Am I supposed to do something now? Why would this be a part of her introduction?" on uncomfortable ted (Upvotes: 91)
I got called a racist today. A friend’s fiancé (who is a POC) sent round a video clip of “the police putting a bag over a black kid’s head”. I watched the video - there was no brutality, violence, or choke holds etc. The kid is being arrested and, as the officers try to get him in to the back of a police car he deliberately turns and spits in the face of one of them - so they put a spit hood on him. Personally, I think that’s a fair response to him spitting in their faces. But apparently I’m a bastard and that’s basically the same as putting a plastic bag over his head to try and kill him (a spit hood won’t be much fun, but it’s an open mesh that doesn’t block air or light - not a suffocating plastic bag). And I would feel the same regardless of the skin colour of anyone involved. on Minneapolis cashier (Upvotes: 90)
@omgjackt, When they get the water bill. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 82)
No, we want this while we're awake. When it's time to sleep we would prefer it if you'd stay on your side of the damned bed (but just leave us some of the covers, okay?) on fourteen (Upvotes: 74)

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