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Yeah, well I lived without funnypics for THREE days on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 61)
Bill offends me on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 51)
Just curious, how many of you remember the days before we could save pictures? Who remembers the true struggle of screen capturing you favorite pics? on New Han solo you (Upvotes: 47)
@FancyPenguin, just googled it It was revealed on August 19, 2015 that "Deez Nuts" is 15-year-old Brady C. Olson ofWallingford, Iowa. He stated, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, that he created the practical joke "half-trying to break the two-party system, half-frustration with the front-runners."[10] Olson, according to Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution,[2] does not meet the minimum age requirement of 35 years at the time of inauguration to run for president in the 2016 elections. on Seriously? (Upvotes: 45)
@bones82, I was brought he re at the age of 2, I honestly thought I was born here until my parents told me when I was around 14, I had good grades and never bothered anyone and kept my nose clean planned on going to college for engineering. So imagine your 14 and you realize you can't get a license, no real job, and wouldn't be able to buy a house, and always afraid of every cop because you could deported to a country you know next to nothing about. A little scary. I'm now 26, have had DACA for about 4 years now, git a house, credit score 720, and have not had one issue with the law yet, and I might get deported when mine expires. Am I scared yes, am I going to cry about it? No, whatever happens, happens. I can't control it. But yep, that's about it, sorry for the two long posts, hope that answered your question, feel free to like or hate the DACA program on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 35)

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