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Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold It's a cool place and they say it gets colder You're bundled up now, wait till you get older But the meteor men beg to differ Judging by the hole in the satellite picture The ice we skate is getting pretty thin The water's getting warm so you might as well swim My world's on fire, how about yours? That's on She smashes him in the mouth (Upvotes: 53)
Oh god it's sentient on What pict-ohhh (Upvotes: 52)
She's a stripper on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 50)
I'd like to go to her flavor town on Pic (Upvotes: 45)
Kitty saves human from drowning 11/10 very good catto on Trying to save his human (Upvotes: 40)

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