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Look at that booty, show me the booty. Gimme the booty, I want the booty. Back up the booty, I need the booty. I like the booty, oh what a booty. Shaking that booty, I saw the booty. I want the booty, lord what a booty. Bring on the booty, give up the booty. Loving the booty, round booty. Down for the booty, I want the booty. Hunting the booty, chasing the booty. Casing the booty, getting the booty. Beautiful booty, smoking booty. Talk to the booty, more booty. Fine booty. on The Booty (Upvotes: 214)
"How should we celebrate diversity?" "By highlighting minorities!" "By punishing Caucasians!" "How about we just treat everyone like normal fücking human beings and stop discussing race at all?" "..." "..." *gets thrown out the window* on Segregation With Extra Steps (Upvotes: 86)
. Fate Nero | Real Nero —————————|————————— Impressive bust | Ugly-looking bust, worthy of Rome | looks like a virgin | Gloriously says | Acted like a crazy “umu” when happy| tyrant all the time | Highly waifu-able | Will probably have | you killed off —————————————————— on or a bust of nero's bust? (Upvotes: 73)
I wonder when companies will realise "Hey look at us, we're not racist or sexist, we've hired a bunch of women and non-caucasians!" is in itself racist and sexist. on Google gtfo (Upvotes: 68)
I imagine there’d be other, more pressing, repercussions to having a tunnel of air between the Sun and the Earth. Assuming this tunnel follows the Earth perfectly and doesn’t dissipate as we orbit the Sun, the first immediate problem would be how bloody cold it suddenly is. The atmosphere is only around 70-100km high, however now it’s effectively 150 million km. that would mean all the photons would interact with the air and bounce away, leaving a vast minority of them to actually warm the Earth. And then there are the satellites currently in orbit, if any were to go through the tunnel it would slow down and they would eventually fall back to the ground. So in chronological order: 8 minutes after the tunnel is introduced, it gets really really cold. A few days/weeks later, the satellites come crashing down. 14 years later, the noise begins. (Speed of sound is ~300m/s, remember) on The loud sun (Upvotes: 60)

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