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@Eggsample, I propose some sort of limit on people discussing their real life problems on this app. It's kind of heartwarming when I see people trying to help BUT I'm 70% certain the the majority of them are lying/ attention seeking (it works too, as this math geek thing has demonstrated). I don't talk a lot on this app but I still see you guys as friends in a way. I'd prefer to keep the majority of discussion on here fun and casual, the way talking to friends should be. Most of all, I'd prefer to keep the comments funny. Can we move on from this Mathgeek thing? he's been attention seeking. If he really didn't want to be in this world he wouldn't talk to us about it. He's had his fun. Enough is enough. I can't see this comment going down well with you guys, but still I feel like some will agree with me on this. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 76)
@Sxsxarael, yeah, straight talk, it says in the pic... on Marvel (Upvotes: 27)
@walrus in a tophat, or $0 on google images. I mean it's not that great. You can't even see bewbs or anything which I'm assuming would be a key part of Gerbosou's research. There, just saved a few of you $30 on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 11)
First time this meme made me smile on (-_____-) (Upvotes: 9)
@SIRsmackzALOT, Gary marriage! *shudders* it's just not natural on Gary rights (Upvotes: 9)

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