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Hey Vicki you're so so thiccy Just the thought of being around you makes my hand so stickyyyy. Sorry. on Vicky (Upvotes: 64)
Lost my virginity at 17 to a girl I didn't love, still regret it 11 years later. Only reason I did it (beyond your typical teenage libido) was because of the stigma that high school is when you need to be getting laid. Kids and young adults, please only have sex when you're ready. Please know that nobody should control your body but you, and know that society and your peers really don't care if you are getting laid by a certain age. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, and there is nothing wrong with losing your virginity, just make sure it's really what you want. Take care y'all. on I'm a virgin but my hand isn't (Upvotes: 81)
It's the fabled Mathmachicken on Math (Upvotes: 48)
"shh it's okay you're okay don't tell mom" on Trampoline (Upvotes: 44)
Why would a teacher or school be so hellbent on shutting down a child's "fantasy"? Even if it wasn't true, why must a young kid have to grow up so soon? Why was a student saying "my uncle is Superman" enough to get sent to the principal's office? on Uncle Superman (Upvotes: 40)

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