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That's the joke. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 87)
@Dingbat, it's a velvet WORM. We here at the CFMW (corps for misjudged worms) take this sort of offense very seriously. Would you look at a cat and call it a dog just because they both have fur? Then don't look at a worm and call it a slug just because they both have RIGHTS. This particular worm is actually a very independent species. Scientists consider it the missing link between worms and centipedes. To add to it's awe it is also a predator- hunting it's prey and then dousing it with acidic goo. So please, like we say here at the CFMW, when it comes to calling a worm a slug, just say no. Good day sir. on I came (Upvotes: 48)
When the weather outside is frightful, frozen nutella is so delightful,bitches love nutella you know, I'm getting hoes getting hoes getting hoes! on Nutella ice Lolly! (Upvotes: 76)
@Kayle, am I the only one that remembers sloths were first known as being lazy instead of sexual predators ? on Lazy Girl (Upvotes: 32)
This is so bogus man, I eat meth, snort heroin, and inject weeds all the time and I look fine! on Drugs and Reality (Upvotes: 28)

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