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"And I would walk-" "You're doing it wrong." "What do you mean?" "AN' EYE WOOD WHALK FYE 'UNDRED MYLES, AN EYE WOOD WHALK FYE 'UNDRED MOORE!" on And walk 500 more (Upvotes: 73)
See that tank over there? *points to tank in no mans land That belongs to the Germans. *angry face. on Whatever this says... (Upvotes: 71)
"Help I'm being repressed by a Cis white male!" "Ma'am that's your son." "He's a member of the patriarchy!" "He also appears to be 6 months old and just wants to be Breast fed." "Misogynistic pig!" on Straight white male (Upvotes: 67)
Ricegum had it coming. For the uninformed, the “green guy” goes by Idubbz on YouTube — he does various skits and stuff but his main draw is “content cop” in which he does a review of horrible YouTubers. Not just throwing things out like “you’re a cvnt” either. The videos are like reports on several, usually horrible things the “content creator” has done. It’s not just name calling or click bait for views or for YouTube drama. If there ever was a true “exposed” channel, it’s his. He’s covered those toy unpack review videos, followed up on Kickstarter projects, and is fair in his judgements. But up against leafy, keamstar, and ricegum? That’s where the magic really happens. His most recent video is “content cop:Jake Paul” and it is worth your time. Seriously, check it out. on Picturism Funny (Upvotes: 66)
So, hypothetically, in this age where identity and character boil down to your choice in gender only, if a man who wishes to be identified as a woman but without the sex change because he believes that he has a genetic abnormality is asked to prove it, then gets a test which claims he is a regular male, is he allowed to continue to claim to be a woman or is that gender disphoria? Sorry for the long post on Ben sparpio or something. Watch his videos if you wanna see snowflakes get served (Upvotes: 63)

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