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“You are not registered to this ISP, please present personal identification chip before the wrist scanner to continue.” “I’m sorry, you are not subscribed to this website. For an additional £15.99 a month you can access the leisure 3 pack.” “I’m sorry, but this link you clicked has taken you to a site that is not a part of your current package. We have rectified and billed you with a (monthly) subscription (£19.99 VAT) to leisure package 10 for the next 10 months.” “I’m sorry, but [Open] has been legally declared a hate site. Your attempts to enter the website has been logged by your ISP.” “I’m sorry, but the term “Gay” is illegal under hate speech laws. Did you mean multi- arousal- based? Your social media contacts, educational facility, employer, etc, have been informed of your crime for their personal safety. Please wait whilst police arrive to arrest you. You have automatically been fined £1000 for breaching your terms and conditions contract.” on Yes (Upvotes: 160)
Daaawww, isn’t that cu- *Spots uploader’s name* Oh no. on The O-zone (Upvotes: 90)
*retrives phone from hole in wall.* *Angrily upvotes* on Sam (Upvotes: 89)
I believe the story behind this one is that the big kid is bully victim, and after a while, he got tired of everyone picking on him. The smaller kid decided to also try to pick on him that day as well. As you can see, it wasn’t a good idea. on FINISH HIM!!! (Upvotes: 88)
"And I would walk-" "You're doing it wrong." "What do you mean?" "AN' EYE WOOD WHALK FYE 'UNDRED MYLES, AN EYE WOOD WHALK FYE 'UNDRED MOORE!" on And walk 500 more (Upvotes: 73)

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