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Or you could say “Ctrl C Ctrl V” and see who laughs on Wedding oof (Upvotes: 17)
The guy is called Steven Bradbury & he is a legend and genuinely nice guy. About 6 months before this, he was in a fall and another skater’s blade sliced his leg open. Steve would have bled out but the Canadian team Dr jumped in and stemmed the bleeding. I’ve been in schools where he has been the guest speaker, he makes no secret of how he got Gold. The way he tells it, for the semi’s his coach said “keep out the way and hope they fall over”. Then for the finals the coach just said “Let’s not fvck with a winning strategy” on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 15)
Can’t see any chairs, lots of firewood though. It’s winter in Aus and I could make use of those “chairs” on Title (Upvotes: 13)
Good guy Greg, the sensitive years on Picturism Funny (Upvotes: 21)
Damn Siri, I said tell me a joke! Not show me. on Tell me a joke, Siri (Upvotes: 9)

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