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1. Because you eventually drive through it, even if you stop. 3. Because it lengthens the amount of time that the signal is being sent to the TV, increasing the likelihood that it will register. 4. Because the money is protected by vaults, security cameras, and guards, and people are prone to absent mindedly walking off with pens. 6. Loaves of bread 7. Because it, like all milk products curdles and goes bad. 8. Nothing, it's fvcking cheese. 9. Because it means you need to look up and see something that is coming at you. 10. Because that would sound fvcking stupid on Very annoying questions to ask your friends (Upvotes: 95)
@EatMyAss, oh gross. Waiter, I think there is some race baiting in my comment section. on Fvck the Police (Upvotes: 84)
I'm not sure if it's possible to write that story in a more irritating way than they did in this picture. on Wal-Mart Cake fail (Upvotes: 58)
Tell me about the rabbits, George. on Just Look At The Flowers (Upvotes: 42)
I guess you could say he... got aroused and bled out of his nose until he died. Did I do it right? on Anime accident (Upvotes: 41)

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