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This is getting out of hand... on Patrick swears to avenge the Star clan (Upvotes: 37)
I personally thought they did a great job with Grand Moff Tarkin. on TBT (Upvotes: 29)
There once was a woman who had a hundred kids. She couldn't be bothered to come with that many names, so she just called them 1-100. One was named One, another named Two, etc... Sadly, nearly all the children died. The only one who survived was Ninety. Ninety eventually grew and had a few children of her own. Her kids one day found a dog that had wandered off and they couldn't find the owner. Knowing that their mother wouldn't approve of them keeping it for themselves, they decided to name the dog This. Then they could say things like, "Let's go play with This outside!" without Ninety knowing about the dog. One day while the children weren't paying attention, This ran out into the street and was hit by a car. Even after the death of This, Ninety's children didn't tell her about the dog. And what do we learn from this story? Only Ninety's kids remember This. on Hand cranked marble machine catapults marbles with exact precision (Upvotes: 105)
last month my oldest brother came home to find that his wife had taken all of her things, some of his, all the pictures, and their son demanding a divorce. Things have been super weird since then, and I just wanted to thank you all for these awesome pictures and the great laughs. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 20)
I feel like the classic ones never die. on You know what I meme. (Upvotes: 16)

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