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Hey look at the description. This might get me upvotes. on Why do you even look at the title? (Upvotes: 109)
I thought he was going out the window. I was disappointed. Is that bad? on Kid almost flies out the window (Upvotes: 88)
I once lost my socks gradually in the dryer last year in college. When the year came to an end and me and my roommate said our goodbyes he gave me a big box and said nothing of it, and then left. I slowly opened the box and there were all my socks. There was a note in there too. It read "sorry I took all your socks, I accidentally took one once and so I had to take one every time you dried your clothes so it wouldn't look like I just stole your sock for no reason I swear I'm not gay but like that's cool if you are but I'm not" on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 58)
"Oh you're not fired... I get off at 8 btw..." on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 46)
Oh my virgin eyes. on After sex (Upvotes: 45)

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