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Not the guys fault at all... she moved while he was running.. on DiCkslam (Upvotes: 58)
@YaBoiDoodleBob, it was a football game last night against the bears and the eagles. It was 16-15 with the eagles in the lead by 1 point. The bears had the ball and had the chance to win because they were close enough for the kicker,Cody Parkey, to kick a field goal and win the game. But he didn't. And the bears lost. Which was very upsetting to see, as I am from Chicago. But it wasnt a surprise because cody parkey has been a terrible kicker from the beginning of the season. on Da Bears (Upvotes: 21)
@Fruit Punch Samurai, she accidentally called them assholes on And That's How The War Started (Upvotes: 19)
I'm laughing at the equal comments of knowing and not knowing what this is. It's from a classic youtube video from 8 or so years ago. on if you know you know (Upvotes: 18)
You have no idea how true this is.... if you enjoy scaring the living sh*t out of yourself i recommend playing (or watching on youtube w no commentary) this game in a dark room at night by yourself w your headphones in. on p.t. (Upvotes: 17)

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