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My name is mouse, I love cheese, I live inside, a hoomans sleeve, And when I see, the bowl of Mac, I poke head out, I have a snack on swoop (Upvotes: 114)
I saw this on reddit. I think its supposed to be a simulation of what people see after a stroke, where everything is somewhat familiar but ultimately unrecognizable on Pure stress (Upvotes: 31)
Jeanette McHurty on a bit too much to chew (Upvotes: 25)
Good luck Godzilla. on sorry NJ (Upvotes: 23)
For anyone who liked this book and is thinking of watching. Don't. It was painful. There is absolutely no character development, no stakes, no Artemis Fowl. This has less to do with the book its based on than Eragon and its not even close. It actually made me reread the book to cleanse my soul. I can't believe how sloppy and choppy everything in this movie was. on Disney and book stories (Upvotes: 21)

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