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I'm Cave Johnson and welcome to Aperture Science. Astronauts, physicists and... Ten year olds. You are here because we need the best, and you are it! So! Who's ready for some science? Ignore the legal team that seems to insist that the Aperture Science handheld Pokémon Capturing device is against animal rights. I'll have you know that the steaks on my platter have more rights in death rather than the brainless grazers they were. So, Pick up a ball and get capturing! on Portalmon (Upvotes: 79)
@CompleteSavage, "babylegs, you will be partnered up with regularlegs." on Come to daddy (Upvotes: 63)
Canadian here. In all seriousness, I got kicked out of school for criticizing Islam about Sharia Law. on Smart (Upvotes: 99)
US and Russian relations for the past 40 years. on When you and your best friend are in rival gangs but you still want to hang out with each other and enjoy all that life has to offer but you cannot forget the saying "trust no one, not even your best friend who is in a rival gang" (Upvotes: 58)
@firefighter steve, "... oh my god..." "Yeah, welcome to the club, pal." on What's my purpose (Upvotes: 54)

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