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And here I am thinking that this is just a building that's been nicely aligned with the horizon. I can't keep up with these obscure "loss" memes. on loss baby (Upvotes: 48)
That's so rude. I'm a middle school teacher and I hear shít like that all time in the halls. I always remind them that if I can hear their drama, so can everyone else and that no one asked anyway. on Ma hart (Upvotes: 46)
Billy should get a plaque made in his honor. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 43)
What a damn professional. on Casual Geography (Upvotes: 33)
@Xiphose, Kinda close, but no. Those are Lady Rainicorn's parents, Bob and Ethel. Lord Monochromocorn is Lady Rainocorn's gender swapped version from Ice King's fan fiction about Finn and Jake. The Fionna and Cake gender swap has several characters such as Prince Gumball, Ice Queen, Marshall Lee, and Lumpy Space Prince. Sorry for so much information at once but Adventure Time is my absolute favorite show and I love talking about it any chance I get. on Check out the viewers (Upvotes: 24)

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