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@CapnJazz33, Supreme political power should always derive from the consent of the masses, not from some watery thot whos thrown a sword at you on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 49)
This is exactly the kinda scheme a Capricorn would do on title (Upvotes: 41)
This is the quality shjt show I get on this app to hear about on Wild! (Upvotes: 29)
I'm tired of these stupid puns on Tire (Upvotes: 28)
@An Average Australian, ASMR is an acronym that stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It describes a sensational tingly feeling that sweeps through your nerve endings when you hear and are exposed to subtle sounds. Everyone that experiences these feelings usually have them because of the same sources, like whispering in the ear. simple innocuous sounds that are not meant to be alarming, so soft, gentle, and relaxing which "tickle" your brain. It can illicit a pleasurable reaction but isn't sexual. Its like a massage for your mind. Best I can describe it anyway. on Andy Samberg ASMR (Upvotes: 28)

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