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“Sniffles” So I don’t care if it’s a fake or legit this hits home hardcore. Losing a pet that has become a member of your family is one of the hardest things most people can experience. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find whoever is cutting onions and use them to cut down a tree. on Why dogs are awesome (Upvotes: 27)
*clears throat* It's called Newman a comic on Webtoon. They are dark elves type beings whose society is run by a matriarchy and in their culture the men get the title of slaves when a female chooses them. The two in this pic are husband and wife and considered secondary characters the guy is the brother of one of the main characters Gwen. Also in this society foot fetish and or worship is extremely common and openly expressed. I highly recommend this comic it's very entertaining. But if you are sensitive to cross dressing and monster slaying no need to read this. on It's an art form (Upvotes: 12)
“Clears throat” I am the very model of a scientist salarian, I’ve studied species turian, asari and batarian. I am quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology) because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology). My xenoscience range from urban to agrarian, I am the very model of a scientist salarian. “Salutes” you were the best scientist I’ve ever had on my crew Mordin. I hope you get to run test on all the sea shells you want my good friend. on What the heck (Upvotes: 10)
Not gunna lie this comic is pretty good. on I'm gay tho (Upvotes: 8)
@Barry Dylan, my ex made me watch season 1&2.... you are wise to avoid this. on Hannah slays (Upvotes: 7)

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