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🖕🏻 👨🏼‍🦳 🐛 💤 👔 🐛 ⛽️ 👢 ⚡️ 8==👊🏻=D💦 🎸 🌂 👢 👢 on The Guy (Upvotes: 110)
@Skeletorr, Only to see a creature, squatting over dead body, digging into its guts with it’s long, sharp claws. Luckily, it’s back is turned on you. As you’re too afraid to move, you start to notice it’s features. It‘s dead-grayish skin, it’s arms and legs long and lanky, covered in blood, bare naked body, except for a single dirty cloth covering its private parts and has shoulder length jet black hair. Then your eye guide over over to the dead body, it’s dead open eyes are staring right back at you. And that’s when you gasp in horror. Because the body it’s eating, looks exactly. Like. You. The creature heard you. Sharply turns it’s head, with guts still hanging from its mouth, inhuman eyes darting directly at you. It snarls and suddenly, all the lights, go out... on cold pov (Upvotes: 61)
And as you walk, you start to realize something is very, very off. It’s completely silent, except for the buzzing coming from the lights, the hallways don’t end, you just keep finding more and more corners to turn and empty rooms, you start to panic and yell out for help as loud as you can hoping to hear your mom’s voice in response and worry.....but no one answers.....all you hears is the buzzing from the lights... Days go by without finding an exit, food or even another soul. You’re starving, dehydrated, your mind is starting to slip....days turn into weeks. You start feeling the walls are closing in on you, panicking, you begin to hyperventilate. Trying to run desperately to get out of this endless maze....crying, missing feeling safe with your mom. Until you suddenly stop. Because you heard a loud sickening crunch, down the hallway to your right. You freeze. It sounded like sharp teeth ripping into flesh. You slowly turn your head to look at what made that sickening sound.... on cold pov (Upvotes: 61)
What a fvcking catch though on Nice catch (Upvotes: 53)
When a cowboy squares up right in front of you, that’s how you know fvcked on Never turn your back to an old cowboy (Upvotes: 51)

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