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Why am I remembering this as a plot line for one of the episodes....? on Why? (Upvotes: 26)
That's a ball python. Nothing venomous about it. Unless you’re talking about its venomously good looks... on trying to look innocent (Upvotes: 26)
Anyone else getting a lot of lag on this app? on Old lady triggered (Upvotes: 17)
@ Seductive Cheeto, this is exactly what I’ve been saying to anyone that pokes fun at the idea. Space force would be like nasa with the budget of a military branch. This could be the push we need to make some real advancements. Also Russia has had a “space force” in the past for a while so this isn’t exactly a new idea. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 16)
@th3thrilld3m0n, well when the flight path is from east to west and you want to go to the military base you might need to open shoot early. on that was a close one (Upvotes: 15)

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