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Hey, just some cool news to share with the community, I got my first professional role as an actor as Prince Eric in the stage musical version of The Little Mermaid! I'm super excited on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 88)
Technically yes, it would be. Ethically wrong though. on Is this a sandwich? (Upvotes: 49)
@that one lonely dude, as I said earlier, the amount of sex Olympians have is absolutely ridiculous during the Games, so the IOC just hands out free condoms to the athletes on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 46)
If you need to have your 12yo explain that it's a porn site to you, maybe you need to loosen up and rub one out yourself? That said, it is a little weird to have a sticker advertising a porn site on your car, but that's not any of my business on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 46)
Oh boy... long time no see suicidal bunny on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 43)

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