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Man... I still love my parents for naming me after these comics. Love yuh Mom! You too Dad! *slowly looks from gravestone with "Mom" and "Dad" engraved on it to the orange afternoon sky* Don't worry... I'll come with you guys sooner or later. Walks too my mini-van. My wife asks me, "You ok Cal?" I give her a brief smile and chuckle. "Yeah, Susie. I'm fine." I manage to choke out the last word as my 8 year old, little girl pipes up from the back seat. "Hey, Dad? Are we there yet? Hobbes is getting kinda hungry..." She steals a nervous glance towards her stuffed tiger, Hobbes, and suddenly grabs him by the arms. She positions herself so that Hobbes is on her head. "DAD!!! HE'S TRYING TO EAT ME!!!" I chuckle to myself and look at my wife, "We'd better hurry." Giving her a quick smirk. "Yeah," she says with tears in her eyes, "We'd better get home." Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! on Hello did you know 15min can save you- I called you- yes but did you know -hangs up (Upvotes: 79)
As I wake up, I start the day as if any other. With a fresh cup of coffee, a good newspaper, and my best friend, Garfield. Ever since I was a small 6 year old toddler, he had been my friend. He helped me through all kinds of troubles. My first crush... My first kiss... My first car... The first time I wrecked a car... He's been with me all these years. I couldn't imagine losing him. But, that was before that day.... That fateful day. I walked into the veterinarians office and sat down in the waiting room. I sat there, scared to move. Suddenly, the door slowly opened and they called my name. "John?" "Uh, yeah. That's me." I stumbled forward as if in a daze. My mind, blank. My expression, devoid of emotion. I followed her to the end of the hall. That's when I saw him. He was in even worse shape then I could have even imagined. It was the first time in my life I had seen him so skinny. His ribs looked as though they would burst free from his chest at any second. Part #1 on Garfield Minus Garfield (Upvotes: 36)
Part #2 His eyes were glossed over. His chest slowly rising and falling. An almost automatic rhythm. I couldn't stand to see him like this. I looked away. The nurse connected a strange syringe to the I.V. And handed it to me. Before doing anything, I looked at my old friend and remembered all of the fun times we had had together. The shared laughs. The one sided conversations. All of the wonderful moments he had given me. "So long," I choked, barely able to resist the incoming tears. I took one final breath as a injected the liquid into the I.V. I grabbed my trench coat from the coat rack and fumbled awkwardly for my hat. I opened the door to the outside, as I caught a glimpse of a calendar out of the corner of my eye. The calendar read, September 7, 2015. I let a scoff escape my lips... I hate Monday's. on Garfield Minus Garfield (Upvotes: 30)
*looks around* This is fine... on Just a normal day in vault 666 (Upvotes: 20)
@LloydChristmas2, on an unrelated note, that bjtch Carol Baskins TOTALLY did it. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 19)

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