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*Clevelands voice* oh thats nasty on Meat tent (Upvotes: 55)
*Casts Matt Damon* on Movie (Upvotes: 55)
I feel this may be relevant to share. Think of the mind like railroad tracks. When you are depressed/sad and you have suicidal thoughts you are basically polishing and building up that track. Your mind begins to automatically start going to those thoughts because its the strongest track to go down. The more you think about it the easier it is for the mind to go there. That is why most suicides are impulsive, each time you go on that track it becomes stronger. Being that track is well traveled your mind just snaps to it in moments if depression. While on that track the further you go down the more you leave rational thinking behind. It literally shuts down your ability to be rational. The cat made the OP stop on the track and realize there were other tracks they could go down that OP may not habe seen because the train was going to fast. In short, change the way you think to build up better tracks. on Oh (Upvotes: 54)
This guy has more game in one gif than i do in 25 years of life.. on steal you girl (Upvotes: 53)
@T9x,also in case anyone does go down that track there are a few ways to ground yourself and come back. Basically overload your senses. Hold ice cubes in your hand until they are just to cold to hold. Or take a Cold shower. Look around and just start naming things (theres a tv, a picture, plant, cat, etc. This also helps with anxiety) It can be difficult to come out of that thought process and routine but the more you break it, the sh^ttier the track becomes and eventually you can find a new track that dosnt lead to a cliff. if anyone knows more grounding techniques please share. on Oh (Upvotes: 45)

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