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GUYS! GUYS! Calm down. The difference here is that the Hobbit book was written primarily from the perspective of Bilbo's adventure. Things that Bilbo didn't personally experience or really care too much about weren't in the book because Bilbo wouldn't write about them. While in a film you can't pull off a pseudo-firstperson angle or leave out elements like that, so extra sh!t of what was happening at the time was included in the movies for better visual context. Just think of it as "Deleted Scenes, because Bilbo didn't give a single fvck about Legolas" Not that Bilbo hardly ever has a single fvck to give... on Bitch please (Upvotes: 31)
@Thinlizzy, Why would you want to leave Evidence on the device you used to troll with? on Trolling texts (Upvotes: 29)
He's so high he doesn't realize that 20 years is a score. That'd just be 5 score. on Abraham Lincoln is stoned (Upvotes: 28)
Number 11 is why I'm glad I'm a short man. on Big boobs (Upvotes: 26)
Crazy how nature do that on BackFlip (Upvotes: 25)

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