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We have a board of education that will hire experts of a field to come in and inspect a new program. Only to push it through after both of the experts astoundingly disagree with the program's implementation. That's how we got common core. on Language learning (Upvotes: 41)
That moment when you can't tell if your friend's become a 2nd amendment activist or a violent revaluationary communist. on Truthfully Depressing (Upvotes: 40)
Yeah, it's not like theirs any one left still lurking from 9 to 10 years ago. Right? *nervously looks around after posting first comment on a site I've been leaching memes off of for the past 9-10 years.* on Anyone want to create theirs now? (Upvotes: 31)
@Professor Kukui, he's maybe acting out because of the lack of male parental figure. A model that he can channel his destructive traits into becoming a real man. Single moms are found to be more abusive then other family units only beaten out by a per-capita basis by lesbian couples, which isn't fair since there are so few of them that it kind of skews the statistics. A single mother most likely doesn't have the time and the patience to deal with the outbursts of her son. Which means that she needs to discipline him to try to make him into a better man. After the child start resenting her it's a made dash of escalation until he is beaten into conformity, or she is to easily overpowered to discipline him. If I got anything wrong I'm willing to hear anyone out, just because you disagree doesn't mean that you or I are wrong. It only means we can learn each other's perspectives. on Trendy comics characters (Upvotes: 31)
I heard Hitler killed him personally. Which is a shame, he could have been a famous painter. on Nazi salute (Upvotes: 29)

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