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I feel uncomfortable about what the like button could represent here. on Dad not home (Upvotes: 54)
We have a board of education that will hire experts of a field to come in and inspect a new program. Only to push it through after both of the experts astoundingly disagree with the program's implementation. That's how we got common core. on Language learning (Upvotes: 41)
That moment when you can't tell if your friend's become a 2nd amendment activist or a violent revaluationary communist. on Truthfully Depressing (Upvotes: 40)
IT is a manifest station of generational turmoils. The kids of the movies and book are abuses on several levels by adults and are tacitly ignored by others. It is like being beaten as a child and no one coming to save you. But by the time you grow up to have kids of your own, you may not have the fortitude to connect with your child, so you may have to solve problems the only way you was taught. In general it's understandable, the difference between these two characters. Our current Society is predicated on predatory consumption of the young to fuel aging bodies. Minimum wage, endless Wars, and Social Security to name a few. So it is not too foreign of an idea to have a monster eating children be over looked. But joker is the product of this society. It's even stated in the movie. This iteration of the Joker is a mirror to the predatory policies that's safe guarded by bodies that profit from it. on Clown v clown (Upvotes: 39)
Yeah, it's not like theirs any one left still lurking from 9 to 10 years ago. Right? *nervously looks around after posting first comment on a site I've been leaching memes off of for the past 9-10 years.* on Anyone want to create theirs now? (Upvotes: 31)

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