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@Fuggles, what the fvck is wrong with you on True (Upvotes: 78)
There was a battle in WW1 at a Russian fort called Osowiec, that lasted from September 1914 to August 1915. While this in and of itself is not interesting, on August 6th something absolutely astounding happened. The Germans had previously been unsuccessful in the weeks before to take the fort, using artillery several times only to be pushed back. But on August 6th they took a different approach. They released Chlorine Gas, knowing full well that the Russians were without gas masks. It was a surefire victory, you release the gas, the enemy dies due to lack of protection, and you March in and take the fort. This was not the case. As the Gas moved foward the grass blackened and died, tree leaves turned yellow, and and Russian artillery units were caked in a chlorine chemical residue. Seven thousand German soldiers marched toward the fortress, only to be met with a horrific sight. The remaining Russians, less than 100 men, rose from the trenches, and counter attacked the Germans. 1/2 on History time (Upvotes: 72)
@TheCoolestBean, These soldiers had chemical burns on their faces. Some wrapped their faces in bloody rags and gauze, spitting out blood and chunks of their own lungs. The Germans, terrified, dropped their weapons and ran back in a frenzy. Trampling their own comrades as they tried to escape the Dead Men. This battle resulted in a Russian victory, and was labeled by the media, as the Attack of the Dead Men. Unfortunately two weeks later the remaining Russians would, demolish, and evacuate Osowiec. 2/2 on History time (Upvotes: 69)
The leader of Denmark during world War II was King Christian X. He deemed it smarter to surrender to Germany than to fight, due to Denmark's out of date and below par military. He also was responsible for the evacuation and hiding of 7200 Jews and 700 of their family members out of the 7500 that were in Denmark when the Germans occupied in 1940. In 1943 when the Danish relinquished their government to the Germans, the Danish Police refused to grant access to the German military to enter Jewish homes. The Danish arent made fun of simply because they never fought. The French did, and made dumb decisions, which led them to lose. on France still surrended (Upvotes: 68)
Excuse me what the fvck on Lovewins (Upvotes: 64)

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