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It's hard to watch the news these days and find something that gives you hope. It really is a shame that the media spends more time projecting fear and caution than providing news that is GOOD to hear. Actually, let me backtrack. Yes, the media needs to report the important things, and it just so happens the important things often aren't pleasant to hear. But if they just snuck a few of these into each broadcast, would it not make your day just a little better? on Faith in humanity restored (Upvotes: 144)
Excuse me, sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet. Patrick: Doesn't look familiar to me. Man Ray: What? I just saw you drop it. Here. Patrick: Nope, it's not mine. Man Ray: It is yours. I am trying to be a good person and return it to you. Patrick: Return what to who? Man Ray: [facepalms, then shows Patrick his ID] Aren't you, Patrick Star? Patrick: Yup. Man Ray: And this is your ID. Patrick: Yup. Man Ray: I found this ID in this wallet. And if that's the case, this must be your wallet. Patrick: That makes sense to me. Man Ray: Then take it. Patrick: It's not my wallet. on What's really in the box (Upvotes: 107)
That's an Asian guy on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 104)
Oh for fvck sake on Hannibal Greentext (Upvotes: 90)
European in the shower? That's disgusting! Use the toilet! on D (Upvotes: 83)

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