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Are ya ready kids? Aye aye captain! I can't hear youuu! Aye aye captain! OHHHHHHHHHHHH! Who lives in the Internet and looks like a dick? SONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! An obnoxious annoying and trolling new meme! SPONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! If troll ending Gifs be something you wish! SPONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! Then draw a weird but and then slap on a dick! SPONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! SPONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! SPONGE-DICK-BUTT-PANTS! SPONGE-DICK-------BUTT-PANTS (do do de do de do de do) on Dickbu... Wait, What? (Upvotes: 127)
Why not both? *mexican music* on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 301)
Is this that attack on Titan show I've heard about? on Elmo (Upvotes: 54)
You climb into your box made of mirrors to gaze at the infinitely repeating image of what is in that box. You gaze off into the thousands of reflections to see one thing that catches your eyes. It's something different from every other reflection. It looks like you and is shaped like you but it is entirely black. It is not as if it is just shaded from the long reflective distance but it is like another presence. Surely that can't be true as all that can be reflected by the mirrors is anything in the box with you. Out of fear you try to escape the box by pushing on the top from which you came in. The lid does not budge and you begin to panic. That's when you feel the breathing on your neck. on Magic (Upvotes: 47)
In case no one knows Putin has agreed to work with US to get rid of ISIS on Damn (Upvotes: 47)

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