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@DirtyVacuumBag, if this isn't a joke, you are in extreme, extreme danger. Seriously, the list of normal things that I'm immune to that would kill you is long. Vaccines are to prevent horrific and crippling diseases, as well as common problems like tetanus (that will still kill you) from happening. Seriously any cut on your body is so much less safe; around other humans who may be immune but carrying pathogens on the outside of their bodies, you are in danger. Everybody get vaccines for the love of God please on 😂😂😂 (Upvotes: 78)
@Captain Anderson, this is a pretty well documented thing, but I believe it's actually a result of our better organization. The American military focuses a lot on chain of command, with lower ranking personnel assuming command in the event that higher-ups are killed. Historically it didn't work this way. If your general was killed in the field then you were kinda fvcked, and would fight aimlessly until you could retreat. Even as recent as WW2 the germans famously failed to deploy tank divisions on time to counteract the D-Day invasion because German command was afraid of waking Hitler up early to ask his permission. In the American military most things are on a strict "need-to-know" basis, but everyone at least knows all the details of the mission they need to see through. As a result if your immediate CO is killed then congratulations you are all promoted for the day, and can continue on in coherent units until your objective is completed anyway. Then you make new objectives... on Military (Upvotes: 55)
I feel personally attacked on Tf ypu looking at? (Upvotes: 51)
@I shjt you not, you are my hero on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 78)
When you've been fighting this big blue fvck and then a green danger noodle comes out of the sky on yikes (Upvotes: 46)

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