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I don't disagree, but it gets a downvote for not being a funny pic on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 90)
And with this statement we can determine that this person has never worked retail. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 82)
As it should be. None of this 'side ho' crap. on Jordan face (Upvotes: 45)
I had to stifle a legit lol 'cause I'm subbing a class right now on How Shocking (Upvotes: 42)
@I Are Lebo, I've noticed that your rants tend to start off angry and abrasive, then you throw in the logic once someone pipes in. Kinda rubs me the wrong way a bit. I would say that being forced into a war and then dropping a nuclear trump card is a pretty clear win. So while we didn't have to endure it as long as Europe did, we certainly tipped the scales. Also, try not to call Americans as a whole arrogant and such. All countries have their loud, obnoxious, and downright unpleasant people, but the general populations are not made up as such. Overall, you make fairly reasonable points, but they're diminished by the your degredation towards others. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 65)

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