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I hate everyone who would treat any celebrity as a god, they are just people who either worked harder or had more connections than you, stop the celebrity worship on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 116)
When Kylo Ren was 19, I heard he had an 8 pack on A master at work (Upvotes: 94)
@Soon, this is satire, taking a problem to an extreme to get a point across, while, yes, this specific instance has never happened before and likely never will, you wont believe how many times I have heard someone say that a tv show, or movie is "homophobic" because it lacks a lgbtq presence, or racist because it uses darnkness as a literary technique for evil, so yes, certain people do actually try to make things "evil" because of political correctness on PC ruins fun (Upvotes: 81)
Crocks, socks, ankle locks? on Life choices (Upvotes: 57)
Lemme Park it in Jurassic on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 53)

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