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Might I ask what being straight has to do with any of this? Or is this just more divisiveness for the sake of divisiveness? on Buzzfeed (Upvotes: 95)
@Possible Paradox, That and he had Thomas Edison syndrome where he would consistently take credit for things that were done by his colleagues. on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 44)
@megamanx181x, His whole shtick was that he’d oppose whatever norm there was. If it was civil to not shjt in public, he’d shjt in public. I believe it was also him who mocked Plato’s(?) descriptor of humans as featherless bipeds by interrupting his lecture running in with a plucked chicken declaring “Behold a man!” on Careful dont downvote your father (Upvotes: 36)
This is an actual game called Last Man Sitting. It is exactly what you think it is. on Office Hijinks (Upvotes: 28)
@ArcticSniper12, I just want to clarify the confederate flag thing. For me at least it's not simply just "it means slavery" or anything. What I don't like is that that is the flag of our enemy. That is the flag flown by those who attempted to fight and break the Union. It's similar to how you might wave the Nazi flag, it's the flag of those who attempted to break your nation. on Oh Boy (Upvotes: 26)

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