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Welcome everyone to the 100,000th Funny Pics Photo! All of us shall congratulate ourselves on this momentous achievement. But of course we should all remember who made this possible. So a HUGE shoutout to StuckPixel for making all of this possible, as well as forming this AMAZING community. Anyways on to why I am here saying all of this. As suggested by a fellow who goes by the name of 18bluecat and a few other members (make sure to upvote the living heck out of whatever 18bluecat says as he deserves FULL credit for making announcements regarding doing a major poll), this picture is going to be a poll to see how many family members this community has. So make sure to like this picture if you're a guy and dislike it if you're girl. Oh, and tell any community members who might not be fully involved in this community to like or dislike this picture! So let's make this happen and once again CONGRATULATIONS! (This is Special Poll #1) (Previous Poll: Pic #92012) on Happy 100k Picture (Upvotes: 127)

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