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We knew it was gonna happen. And we did nothing to stop it. on golden DickButt (Upvotes: 87)
I think you're a little young for your boyfriend to see your boobies, little boy. on Funnyism Picture (Upvotes: 52)
@VATS, a better reasoning is that long ago when funny pics was first conceived, people with absolutely nothing to say would comment "first" because they would see it as a prize or a contest and they had won it. For an app where the point of commenting is to say something funny or tasteful, saying first is like throwing all of that out so that you can look cool in front of everyone. Imagine being in elementary school and some kid races to the front of the lunch line just to say first. Or when you're in line for a movie and you say first. Or you're having sex and you say first. None of those scenarios are awesome in any way. That's why we hate upon those people. "Smart people speak because they have something to say. Idiots speak because they have to say something." on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 46)
"You guys are stupid. They're gonna be looking for the army guys." on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 41)
I've got your nooooose Look out, he's got his nose! *multiple gunshots* on Funny Pics (Upvotes: 39)

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